The 6 best career sites to post jobs online in 2022



New year, new employees?

In the times of the pandemic — unfortunately still going strong — many used this as an opportunity to reflect, relax, reset… and then send in their two-week notices.

Some were faced with layoffs and had no choice but to look for employment, while others realized that it was time for a change. Because of this, many businesses may now be looking to fill roles of all levels, from their top executives to the staff members that keep their companies running.

Luckily, in the age of the internet, there are a few great options when it comes to online job boards. Many let you filter applicants by experience, perfect for finding the sharp new graduate and the high-level career pivot, while others are tailored for career type and specific field.

Read on for a list of some of the best career sites and online job boards to help you build the strongest team to take on 2022, from ZipRecruiter to LinkedIn and everything in between.

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If you have a position that needs top quality candidates, chances are you’ll find them on ZipRecruiter. When using ZipRecruiter to post a job, simply sign up for an account for free or sign up for a Premium or Pro plan to reach the most number of applicants. Then after posting your job it immediately gets sent out to over 100 job sites at the click of a button. This site also stands out for its “Invite to Apply” capabilities, letting an employer send a pre-written, direct message to their most desired candidates instead of waiting for job-seekers to reach out to them. This feature not only helps your posting gain traction and high-quality applicants, but also adds a much-needed personal touch to the job search process.

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We all know LinkedIn on the applicant side, but did you know you can reach thousands of applicants using LinkedIn Business? There are over 740 million users on the platform according to their site and with three hires every minute, your company needs to get in on the action. While posting a job is free, the most savvy hiring managers and businesses should contact LinkedIn for a consultation to find out the right plan for your individual company.

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Are you in a hiring frenzy? If you’re looking to fill roles at your company, Monster may be for you. The site is free to post on initially, but for the most comprehensive job postings, take a look at their pricing plans, starting at just $279 per month for access to unlimited applicants and 50 resume views.

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In this new era of remote working, FlexJobs is the way to go. If you or your company is looking to fill remote rolls, FlexJobs can help, offering access to their curated and vast database of qualified applicants. To get stared, sign up for a Employer Membership, starting at $399 per month.

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Can we help you fill those vacant jobs? Indeed! This job site is known and loved by many applicants, so why not give it a try on the employer side of thins? To post a job, simply create a free account and then choose to sponsor job postings as your own monetary discretion, boosting those positions you need to fill sooner than later.

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Who would we be if we didn’t include a media-driven site in this list? For companies in publishing, media or anything creative, Mediabistro is dedicated to helping you fill roles with the most qualified candidates. To sign up for an employer account, head to the site and choose from three plans, starting at $297 for a single job posting.


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