Ghislaine Maxwell’s mysterious hubby Scott Borgerson now MIA



Ghislaine Maxwell’s future husband became intoxicated by the limelight the beautiful heiress shined on his life.

Now Scott Borgerson, who secretly married Maxwell in 2016, has left her to face the glare of international incrimination alone — while he jaunts around his exclusive coastal New England town in sports cars, often in the company of an attractive new female friend.   

Galpal Kris McGinn is a local writer, mother of two high school children and yoga enthusiast who “has an ass that could crack open a walnut” according to one local admirer in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass.

Borgerson, 46, Maxwell’s much younger and enigmatic husband, apparently broke up his first marriage to be with the British jetsetter, captivated by the circles of power she made available to him, friends say.

But as lurid details unfold in a Manhattan courtroom of the international sex ring Maxwell, 59, ran with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Borgerson remains 200 miles away at the secluded $3.9 million waterfront estate he once shared with the disgraced madam.

Kris McGinn
Kris McGinn is a yoga instructor seen often with Scott Borgerson. One local admirer says she has “an ass that could crack open a walnut.”
David McGlynn for NY Post

Testimony this week included images of Maxwell “nude and pregnant” at Epstein’s Florida mansion and steamy photos of her, with breasts spilling out of a white tank top, rubbing Epstein’s feet aboard his private jet.

Borgerson “apparently has more important things to do” than appear by her side in court, one Manchester neighbor told The Post.

The tech entrepreneur was seen visiting a local beer and wine shop at 9:45 a.m. on Friday, while Maxwell sat in court facing sensational accusations that she gave then 16-year-old Annie Farmer a nude massage at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

Scott Borgerson
Scott Borgerson broke up his first marriage to be with Ghislaine Maxwell, but has not been at her side in court.
David McGlynn for NY Post

Manchester-by-the-Sea is an old-money enclave of 5,400 people coveted by Boston’s elite for its scenic beaches and 400-year-old colonial charm. Local residents and photographers have seen Borgerson driving through the town with McGinn, 49, in his sleek black Tesla S model or trendy black Mini Cooper.

“He gives her a kissy kiss” every time they’re together, one observer noted. A source says the two have spent weekends together when McGinn didn’t have to watch her children and that she was “bubbling” about the relationship.

Most of their time appears spent trying to avoid the public eye, often at his isolated oceanfront manse that is protected from public view by an expanse of trees. He also keeps a $1.2 million luxury condo in Boston’s chic Beacon Hill, where he’s been photographed walking his Vizsla through the narrow streets.

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell faced sensational accusations that she gave then 16-year-old Annie Farmer a nude massage at Epstein’s New Mexico ranch. Her husband was nowhere to be seen in the court house.
Jane Rosenberg/REUTERS

Borgerson and McGinn are both dog owners, observers said, and may have bonded over their shared love of the animals.

While Borgerson lives in luxury, McGinn rents a 2,000-square-foot home, humble by Manchester standards, on a quiet dead-end street. Sources say she is in the process of divorcing her husband, Wesley Straub. The couple lived in California before moving to Massachusetts around 2015, records indicate.

McGinn covers and photographs food and cultural trends for the venerable, 133-year-old local newspaper The Manchester Cricket. She wrote under the byline Kris McGinn Straub until June 2020, when she dropped her married name. Husband Straub, a Boston-area native, lists his relationship status as “single” on social media.

Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime gal pal — and accused madam.
U.S. Attorney’s Office via Reuters

“She’s well-connected and well-liked and popular on the mommy circuit,” a Manchester source said.

But Borgerson “doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends around right now. I haven’t seen him in a month,” the source added.

When reached by The Post this week, Borgerson answered the phone cheerfully, then quietly said “no” and hung up when a reporter began asking questions.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Scott Borgerson
Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother Ian said the first time he learned that she and Scott Borgerson were married was at her trial.
Arctic Circle Assembly

McGinn readily discussed food when the reporter called, admitting her outsider’s disdain for fried clams, a Massachusetts delicacy invented in the neighboring town of Essex. But, she said, “I don’t think I’ll be answering any questions on that topic” when asked about her relationship with Borgerson.

Former Coast Guard officer Borgerson founded the shipping data company CargoMetrics after earning a Ph.D. in international relations from the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He’s written scholarly articles for Foreign Affairs, and spent time as a fellow on the Council of Foreign Relations, where he was tapped for his expertise on issues related to the Arctic. His company was valued at $100 million in 2016, Business Insider reported.

He reportedly left the firm last year as pressure around Maxwell intensified, with salacious allegations that she helped feed Epstein’s tawdry international sex stable of underaged girls shared with a cabal of global elites.

Scott Borgerson
Scott Borgerson is the founder of Cargo Metrics and has a P.H.D. in international relations from Tufts university.
David McGlynn for NY Post

Borgerson was apparently a newcomer to world of international power inhabited by Maxwell. He grew up among humble roots in the small blue-collar Mississippi River community of Festus, Missouri, Business Insider reported, before shipping off to the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Conn. He was first seen with Maxwell during a reception in Iceland in 2013.

Borgerson was painted as a social climber “famous for name dropping,” a source told The Daily Beast, happily latching on to Maxwell for her powerful connections. He bragged at one Manchester cocktail mixer that he and Maxwell enjoyed lunch with former President Clinton, “just the three of them.”

Both his personal profile and the success of CargoMetrics began to rise soon after meeting Maxwell.

Kris McGinn
Kris McGinn, a journalist for the Manchester Cricket and popular on the town’s “mommy circuit,” is in the process of divorcing her husband.
David McGlynn for NY Post

“Borgerson’s life underwent a complete and dramatic transformation that opened doors to exclusive events hosted by the likes of Jeff Bezos, added gold-plated names such as Eric Schmidt and Paul Tudor Jones to his startup’s cap table, and even upgraded his $15,000 Volkswagen to a shiny Tesla,” reported Business Insider, adding that Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, helped lead a $10 million round of funding for CargoMetrics in 2017.

Yet the couple appeared to hide their marriage, even among friends in their tight-knit Massachusetts community. The romantic nature of their pre-marriage relationship had also been kept a secret for years.

Even Maxwell’s siblings — who have staunchly defended her even while she sat in prison over the past year, and appeared with her in court this month — only learned of her marriage to Borgerson in 2020 when helping to prepare her $28.5 million bail package.

“It’s the first time we knew they were married, when we heard the world ‘spouse’ mentioned in the bail hearing,” Ian Maxwell told The Post, adding that his sister and Borgerson secretly wed in 2016.

Borgerson was married to his first wife Rebecca Anne Piorunneck when he reportedly grew infatuated by Maxwell and her high-powered international lifestyle.

“Scott left his wife for Ghislaine around five years ago. It’s just egregious what’s happened to Rebecca,” a source told The Sun last month.

“Rebecca and Scott seemed like a really nice couple. But as time went on, he was very preoccupied and would be on his cellphone a lot, presumably on business calls. He was away a lot for work.”

Records show the two married in Florida in 2001 and divorced in Massachusetts in 2015. The couple had two children together, who lived at least part time with him and Maxwell at the Manchester estate.

Scott Borgerson's black Cooper Mini
Kris McGinn refused to discuss her relationship with Scott Borgerson when a Post reporter questioned her.
David McGlynn

“When the marriage finally crumbled in 2014, divorce records paint a disturbing picture of Borgerson, with accusations of him being physically violent, abusive, ‘extremely controlling’ and having an alcohol problem,” the Daily Mail reported in 2019. “Borgerson .. once allegedly threatened her, saying: ‘Don’t make me beat you in front of the children.’”

After meeting Maxwell, Business Insider reported, “Borgerson’s first marriage, his longtime business partner, and other baggage of his earlier life were thrown overboard.”


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