Fugitive John Ruffo was not man seen at Dodgers game: feds



The feds didn’t get their man — although they did get to meet a baseball fan.

US Marshals thought someone spotted in the stands at a 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers game might have been most-wanted fugitive John Ruffo, but officials confirmed the spectator was not the same man as the slippery criminal.

Marshals asked for the public’s help in identifying the fan seen at a game against the Boston Red Sox due to his resemblance to the Ruffo and were able to track him down to a suburb of the City of Angels, ABC News reported.

“You can clearly see the difference between the fingerprints,” Deputy Pat Valdenor told the outlet. “Even without the fingerprints, there was the birth certificate, and I had his whole family in front of me — three generations. I could see it wasn’t Ruffo.”

Ruffo vanished from New York City in 1998 on the day he was supposed to start a 17-year prison sentence for defrauding banks of $353 million. The Brooklyn computer salesman was last seen in surveillance footage taking money out of an ATM in Queens, according to the network.

A rental car used by Ruffo was later found in long-term parking at JFK Airport and authorities believe he could have even traveled overseas, the report stated. About $13 million of the money he stole hasn’t been recovered, the station said.

US Marshals initially believed fugitive John Ruffo was seen at a Los Angeles Dodgers game on August 5, 2016.
US Marshals initially believed fugitive John Ruffo was seen at a Los Angeles Dodgers game on Aug. 5, 2016.
US Marshals

Years later, the fugitive’s cousin saw someone with an uncanny resemblance to Ruffo four rows behind home plate at Dodgers Stadium. Marshals contacted the Dodgers to try to find the fan, but the ticket had changed hands from the original buyer several times, according to ABC.

Authorities are offering $25,000 for information that leads to an arrest for Ruffo, who is now 66.


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