Elementary teacher kept pot edibles in student ‘reward’ box



That’s “high” praise indeed.

A South Carolina elementary school teacher is out of a job after a student pulled out two packs of marijuana edibles from the in-class “reward” box, deputies and district officials said.

Victoria Farish Weiss, a 27-year-old teacher at Rocky Creek Elementary School in Lexington, surrendered to deputies early Friday after a warrant charged her with possession of a schedule 1 drug in the shocking Sept. 23 incident, according to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Jay Koon said deputies learned a student in Weiss’ class grabbed a pack of “Stoney Patch Kids” marijuana edibles from a box of candy she used to “reward” students in her class.

“Detectives confirmed during interviews that Weiss took the pack of edibles from the student and told him to pick something else from the box,” Koon said in a statement Friday. “The student went back to the box and happened to grab another pack of edibles.”

No students ate the THC-infused candy. But investigators found packs of pot edibles similar to those selected by the unwitting male pupil during a search of Weiss’ home a day later, Koon said.

Rocky Creek Elementary School.
A kid in Victoria Weiss’ class grabbed a pack of “Stoney Patch Kids” marijuana edibles from a box of candy she used to “reward” students.
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“They come in many forms, but the items in this case were candy,” Koon said of the cannabis-based food products. “They’re often packaged in wrappers and bags with logos and colors that look similar to traditional candy brands.”

The student grabbed the “Stoney Patch Kids” gummies assuming they were Sour Patch Kids, according to an incident report obtained by WIS-TV.

Weiss was later “hysterical” when she was questioned about the incident by an assistant principal, WIS-TV reported.

Although readily available online, pot edibles are illegal in South Carolina, Koon said. Eighteen states, including New Jersey and New York, and the District of Columbia have legalized small amounts of marijuana for adult recreational use.

Weiss, who was put on administrative leave after deputies notified the school, was fired Wednesday, the State reported.

“The safety of our students is our top priority,” Lexington County School District Superintendent Greg Little told the newspaper. “It is unacceptable for a staff member to potentially threaten the wellbeing of a child. We will continue to work to ensure all of our children have a safe environment to learn and grow.”

Weiss, who was taken into custody Friday, was later released on a personal recognizance bond, WIS-TV reported.

It’s unclear if Weiss had hired an attorney who could speak on her behalf. Attempts to reach her were unsuccessful.


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