Container Shipping Lines Around The World

Container Shipping Lines

Container shipping lines exist around the world. Container shipping lines are companies that specialize in transporting goods from one place to another. Containers are used to contain and protect the cargo during transportation. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on what they are carrying.

Container Shipping Lines Evergreen Marine Corp

Container Shipping Lines Evergreen Marine Corp is a container shipping company. Evergreen Marine Corp was established in 1968 and has its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. The fleet of this company includes about 300 vessels that operate across the world’s oceans.

Container Shipping Lines Hapag Lloyd

Hapag Lloyd is a German shipping company that was formed in 1970. It’s a subsidiary of the Hamburg Süd Group and has been in operation for over 150 years, transporting everything from cars to chemicals around the world via its container shipping line.

The company’s headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany with additional offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region including Singapore; Sydney; Shanghai; Hong Kong; Bangkok; Jakarta, and Manila.

Container Shipping Lines NYK Line

NYK Line is a Japanese shipping company that offers container shipping services around the world. It is one of the largest container shipping companies in the world, with a fleet of more than 170 vessels operating under five different brands: NYK, K-Line, MOL, OOCL, and Hapag Lloyd.

The company was founded in 1885 as Nippon Yusen Kabush, Niki Kaisha (NYK) by Mitsubishi founder Iwasaki Yataro and two partners; Umehara Ryosuke and Kato Shuji who were both employees of Mitsubishi Shoten (now Mitsubishi Corporation). The company’s name comes from its first home port at Yokohama where “YU” means “West” and “SHI” means “Ocean”. In 1888 it established its headquarters at Kobe City where it began operating steamships between Japan’s major cities including Tokyo/Yokohama; Osaka/Kyoto; Nagasaki; Hakodate City on Hokkaido Island; Busan City in Korea – today South Korea.

Container Shipping Lines Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd

Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd is a South Korean container shipping company. It was founded in 1970 and currently operates a fleet of around 140 container ships that serve Europe, the Americas, and Asia. The company has been struggling financially since 2016 and filed for bankruptcy protection at the end of August 2016; however, it continues to operate as normal while its assets are sold off by receivership courts.

Container Shipping Lines Hyundai Merchant Marine Co Ltd

Hyundai Merchant Marine Co Ltd (HMM) is a South Korean shipping company. It is the largest container shipping company in South Korea and has a fleet of over 200 ships. The company was founded in 1970 as Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd but changed its name to HMM when it became an independent entity in 1995.

The company has been involved with several controversies over its history, including being convicted of breach of contract by an international arbitration court after failing to deliver four new vessels on time for CMA CGM; fines from US authorities related to pollution violations; and charges from South Korean prosecutors that employees bribed prosecutors and politicians so they could avoid prosecution for other crimes such as embezzlement or tax evasion.

Container Shipping Lines Exist Around The World

Container shipping lines are used to transport goods, products, and cargo across oceans and seas. These vessels can carry up to 20,000 TEUs (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) at once. To do this, they have been specifically designed so that each container fits into a slot on board a ship’s deck like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each slot is exactly 20 feet long and 8 feet wide – the standard size for transporting goods in containers worldwide.

Container Shipping Lines


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