Brian Laundrie hunt leads cops to 5 bodies of missing persons



At least five bodies have been discovered during the massive manhunt for fugitive Brian Laundrie, who is the sole person of interest in Gabby Petito’s homicide.

While the 23-year-old remains on the lam more than a month after skipping out of his family’s Florida home, the other bodies have been found in areas where authorities have been looking, according to the Sun.

“How many bodies are just all willy nilly laying about?!” one person marveled in a Reddit thread, according to the report. “Since starting the hunt for BL there have been what, 5 BODIES?”

One of the bodies was found in Yadkin Valley Overlook in North Carolina amid rumors that Laundrie was hiding out there — sparking rumors it could have been him. But the FBI confirmed it was not him, saying there was “no evidence to connect” it to his case.

The man was later named as Josue Calderon, 33, by investigators who said he’d been stabbed to death.

Meanwhile, authorities in Wyoming did credit interest in the case for tips leading to the body of missing Texas dad Robert Lowery, 46.

 Josue Calderon.
Investigators found that Josue Calderon had been stabbed to death in Yadkin Valley Overlook in North Carolina.

Lowery’s body was discovered close to where Laundrie’s girlfriend, Long Island native Gabby Petito, was found dead on Sept. 17. Lowery was ruled to have committed suicide.

The other cases were all bodies found in areas where the couple had traveled in their cross-country camping trip before Petito’s death in Wyoming, the Sun noted.

The most recent was the discovery of Sara Bayard, 55, off a highway in El Paso County, Colorado, an area Petito and Laundrie had shared Instagram pictures from during their travels.

Robert "Bob" Lowrey.
Robert Lowery’s body was found in Wyoming close to where Gabby Petito was found dead.
Teton County Sheriff’s Office

The images included one of Petitio at Monument Rocks on July 4 — the same day Bayard was reported missing, KKTV said.

Petito and Laundrie continued sharing images of their travels through the Centennial State, including Colorado Springs and the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Interest in Petito’s case also helped lead to the discovery of a body in California’s Yucca Valley desert, where authorities were looking for missing New Jersey chef Lauren “El” Cho, 30, according to the Sun.

Sara Bayard.
Sara Bayard was discovered off a highway in El Paso County, Colorado.
El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

Cho had been missing since June 28, but her case garnered renewed interest when it was compared to Petito’s disappearance and murder.

Authorities have yet to confirm the remains are Cho’s.

In addition, a body found near a dumpster at a Walmart in Mobile, Alabama, on Sept. 20 also sparked rumors it could be the fugitive — as it came the same day Laundrie was reported to be in the same city.

Lauren Cho.
Interest in Gabby Petito’s case helped lead to the discovery of Lauren Cho’s body in California’s Yucca Valley desert.

However, authorities said the body was a homeless man with no connection to the case.

Meanwhile, the bodies of a newlywed couple slain in Utah were also briefly linked to the Long Island couple’s case before Laundrie went on the lam and Petito’s body was found.

The couple had been in Moab at the same time as Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Turner, 38, were last seen before reporting fears of a “creepy guy” camping near them.

Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.
Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner were last seen before reporting fears of a “creepy guy” camping near them

Schulte even worked in a food co-op outside of which Laundrie was seen slapping Petito, leading to their now-infamous stop by cops.

However, Grand County Sheriff Steven White later insisted that an investigation proved the cases were not linked.


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