A California couple found their wedding ring inside their newly-purchased home that was destroyed in deadly plane crash



  • A California couple said they found their wedding band in their home that was wrecked after it was hit by a plane. 

  • A plane plummeted in a Santee neighborhood on Monday leaving two dead. 

  • Courtney and Cody Campbell’s home was destroyed after the crash. 

A California couple found their wedding band in their home that was destroyed after it was hit by a small plane last week. 

Courtney and Cody Campbell were at work when a Cessna 340 crashed into their Santee, California neighborhood on Monday, Fox 5 San Diego reported.

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The crash left two dead including a UPS driver and the pilot of the plane and two others injured. Their house, which they purchased a few months ago, was destroyed in the fire, according to the report. A harrowing video posted by local news shows the devastating aftermath of the homes in the neighborhood. 


On Wednesday, when the newlyweds were able to return to their home to look through the wreck, they surprisingly found Cody’s wedding ring intact as well as other personal items, NBC San Diego reported.

Cody left his ring inside their home during that day of the fatal crash, so to find it in the rubble “was pretty incredible,” he told the outlet. 

“I kind of broke down. I always wear a different ring to work, but finding my actual wedding band was a pretty surreal feeling,” Cody added, according to the report. 

Other valuables the couple found were a letter Cody wrote for his wife on their wedding day with their photo attached, according to an update on their GoFundMe, which raised nearly $46,000, as of Sunday. 

“There’s no words to describe why one thing is burned versus something else that makes it out OK,” Courtney said, Fox News reported. “There are a couple of items that mean so much to us. To have them is something that we’ll cherish forever.”

In their update, the couple said they are grateful to be alive and that they are “thinking” of all impacted by the incident. 

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