What’s in Biden’s Infrastructure Plan?



On Wednesday, President Biden is expected to announce his $2 trillion plan to shore up the nation’s infrastructure and create jobs. The sprawling proposal would be paid for with 15 years of higher taxes on corporations. Here’s how the spending breaks down:


Among the proposals: Modernize 20,000 miles of highways and roads; repair 10,000 bridges; and, by 2030, build a network of 500,000 electric vehicle chargers.

Electric vehicle incentives

Passenger and freight railways

Buildings and Utilities

One of the largest investments includes more than $200 billion in tax credits and grants to improve and build affordable housing.

Electric grid and clean energy

Jobs and Innovation

The plan goes beyond physical infrastructure, proposing more than $500 billion to invest in the manufacturing sector, worker training and research and development.

National Science Foundation

Clean energy manufacturing

New dislocated worker program

Innovation and competitiveness

New rural partnership program

In-Home Care

The plan also includes $400 billion to expand access to caregiving for those who are older and those with disabilities, and to improve pay and benefits for caregivers.

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