Tom Brady still ‘fired up’ about scouting report 21 years later



We all know the story of Tom Brady – overlooked in the 2000 NFL Draft coming out of the University of Michigan, falling to the sixth round and pick No. 199. Twenty-one years and seven Super Bowl rings later, he still remembers where he came from.

Bleacher Report unearthed a video of Brady being interviewed by NFL Films in 2002, after he won his first Super Bowl with the Patriots. Steve Sabol read his draft report, which looks a bit silly in hindsight.

“Tom Brady: poor build – that might be accurate – skinny, lacks great physical stature and strength, and gets knocked down easily,” the report said.

“Wow. That kinda gets me fired up,” Brady said at the time.

On Sunday night, Brady tweeted the video, saying, “Still gets me fired up.”

Brady won his seventh Super Bowl title this year at the age of 43 with the Buccaneers, winning MVP honors in the process. He has maintained that he plans to play until he is at least 45, and that “physical stature” doesn’t seem like a problem as he continues to fight off Father Time.

“When people tell you, hey, you can’t do this, you can’t do this, and you keep overcoming that, you build this confidence in yourself and this belief in yourself that, even when nobody else believes in you, I’m still gonna do it, because I don’t give a s–t what you say,” Brady said in the 2002 video.

A quote that would still apply today, nineteen years later.


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