Potential Lindor, Conforto Contract Extensions



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Corey Sipkin

Mets fans hope Francisco Lindor and Michael Conforto remain in orange and blue for a long, long time. Well, that hope could end up becoming a reality soon enough. The Mets reportedly are beginning talks with Lindor on a contract extension this week with Conforto potentially to follow. Nine figures will have to be thrown around for both. Let the negotiations begin.

To talk Lindor, Conforto and storylines from Mets spring training, it’s time for a new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast with Nelson Figueroa and me. We also take a trip to the Nelson Figueroa Spanish Academy and chat with Eddie Coleman.

Amazin’ But True Podcast with Jake and Figgie:

  • Lindor extension talks beginning this week. What contract number would make sense for Lindor?
  • What contract would make sense for Conforto to stay here for the long run?
  • Marcus Stroman’s outing Sunday. Big year for him. His confidence level is at all-time high and his importance to this team.
  • Did Mets miss out not signing Jackie Bradley Jr. to play center field? Is Mets’ defense going to be a concern all season?
  • No DH in the NL hurting the Mets. MLB making big mistake having pitchers hit. Hurts the game and hurts bringing in more young fans.


Nelson Figueroa Spanish Academy: Figgie teaches me how to say “overreact” and “inject me with the vaccine” in Spanish.

Ed Coleman Interview:
Longtime WFAN Mets reporter

  • Mike Francesa falling asleep on Sweeny Murti, but not him.
  • Memories at WFAN going back to the ’80s.
  • His favorite interview over the years. First weekend interview with Gordie Howe hosting in Massachusetts.
  • Zoom calls and trying to develop relationships with players.
  • Growing up as a Red Sox and Boston sports fan.
  • Thoughts on the 2021 Mets being very good with chance to win the division.
  • Thoughts on Steve Cohen’s offseason and not spending a boatload of money.

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