Paige Spiranac criticizes Bryson DeChambeau over Tiger name-drop



Bryson DeChambeau may have impressed the masses over the weekend with his win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, but Paige Spiranac wasn’t pleased with his post-victory speech.

While celebrating his eighth PGA Tour win on Sunday, DeChambeau took a moment to thank his sponsors and recalled a text message he received from golf great Tiger Woods, who is currently recovering after being involved in a serious car wreck in late February.

“It means the world to me,” DeChambeau said of the win. “I got a text from Tiger this morning, and he obviously had done really well here and was very instrumental in Mr. Palmer’s life as Mr. Palmer was to Tiger. We just talked about just keep fighting no matter what happens, play boldly, like Mr. Palmer said.

“My heart has been heavy with Tiger and what’s been going on with him, just kept telling myself, it’s not how many times you get kicked down, it’s about how many times you get picked back up and keep going,” he continued.

Spiranac, who has been openly critical of DeChambeau’s behavior in the past, tweeted Sunday, “I can respect Bryson and still find him annoying,” which opened the floodgates to fan exchanges.

“He just comes off disingenuous at times,” the 27-year-old golfer told a commenter who stated, “I don’t understand all the hate towards him.”

When one fan commented, “The thanking of the sponsors was a bit much,” Spiranac replied: “I didn’t like the Tiger name drop either.”

In November, Spiranac said she didn’t know how to feel over DeChambeau’s flop at the 2020 Masters, telling her “Playing A Round” podcast listeners: “I have mixed feelings on Bryson ’cause he’s such a great person to make fun of, and I feel bad for him because he is doing things that are so different, and it gives us something to talk about.”

DeChambeau’s bulked-up transformation caused a stir last summer, as did his debate with a PGA official during the Memorial Tournament in Ohio, where he asked for a second opinion on a ruling.


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