Josh Gordon teams with Johnny Manziel in Fan Controlled league



Wide receiver Josh Gordon, who has been suspended a total of seven times by the NFL and his various teams, is joining the Fan Controlled Football League, according to Zappers team co-owner Bob Menery.

Gordon will be teammates with former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel in the newly formed indoor league, in which fans call the plays through the Twitch app. Week 3 of the six-week season will be played Saturday night. The four-team league plays all its games in Duluth, Ga., northeast of Atlanta.

“Listen we’re 0-2. I can’t have that,” Menery, a comedian who does comic sportscaster routines on social media, wrote on Twitter. “So I called in a few of the guys who can play pick up ball better than anyone else out there.”

Gordon last played for the Seahawks in 2019. He has lost three full seasons (2015, 2016, 2020) to suspensions. His seven total suspensions include league and team-issued discipline, most of which are for repeat violations of substance abuse policies.

It looked as if Gordon might play in the NFL late last season when he was added to the Seahawks roster following a Dec. 3 reinstatement by the NFL. But his conditional return was rescinded and he was suspended indefinitely on Jan. 15, according to NFL Network.


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